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The Geological Survey of Israel

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More scripts: rannof @ GitHub

View and save ROI PAC files : RoiView v0.75 (2.8 MB) Create a SRTM DEM : SRTM.tar.gz (6.08 KB)Mosaic ASTER Global DEM files : (3.08 KB)Cut an area from a DEM : (3.75 KB)ROI PAC & ER-Mapper headers : (3.59 KB)Convert KML points to circles. : (2.91 KB)Export points to a Google Earth KML file. : (114.78 KB)Convert Image files to Google-Earth kml files : (965B)Calculate and Plot a cross-section along a traverse line with width : (181.57 KB)Test data for Section : (1.62 MB)